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The first European "tourists"

"Argonauts" is one of the most important and well-known myths of ancient times – the story of a Greek named Jason, who tried to obtain the Golden Fleece. Most of the parts of the story took place in the Kolkheti Kingdom – Western Georgia of today.
About 1000 years ago B.C., the Argonauts became the first European "tourists" to arrive in Georgia while seeking the legendary Golden Fleece. They thought that it was possible to mine for gold with the help of the Golden Fleece (a sheep skin). It is unknown whether Medea (the daughter of the King of Kolkheti according to the legend) was an actual person. However, it is well known that, a long time ago, metal mining and wine production were very much developed in Georgia and the country was very famous for textile and medical plants, is well known.
Despite the fact that Georgia occupies a small territory on the world map, it is distinguished by the diversity of its landscape as well as by its resort areas. Georgia is rich with subtropical coasts, forests, deserts and alpine mountains. The uniqueness of Georgia is emphasized, through the fact that, during one summer day it is possible to swim and sunbathe at the sea as well as snow ski in the mountains.
The air of the Alps converges with the air of the Black Sea in Georgia, creating an ideal climate. Georgia is also rich with a variety of different types of water. There are more than 2,000 types of mineral and thermal waters. The country is famous for its extraordinary landscape and biodiversity as well as unique breeds of plants in the national parks and reserves.
There are more than 12,000 historical and cultural monuments, 103 resorts and 182 interesting resort destinations in the country.
No other country offers guests such a variety of sights simultaneously, which is why tourism is quickly developing in Georgia.

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